Friday, September 16, 2016

Sun Signs and Love: The Leo Woman

A Leo in love can be tricky to navigate. She wants praise most of all, so compliment her and don't mention her flaws. She prefers you focus on the good and pretend the bad doesn't exist. If you're just getting started in the relationship, be prepared to pile it on. Leo has the need to be marvelous, to shine brighter than anyone else, and you'll have to accommodate her. At least at first. Once you have captured her interest, the relationship can evolve, but at first it will be all about her.

If you're hoping to make a relationship work with a Leo woman, don't even think about looking at another. She hates competition because she hates to lose, so if you want to keep her, don't make her feel like she has a rival for your attentions. But, because she is a Leo, she needs a little more freedom, at least at the beginning. If you can't go with her to the club on Friday, expect her to find someone else who can. This doesn't mean she doesn't want a relationship with you. It simply means that she is going to the club and she's not going alone.

All of this may make her sound self-centered, but she's not. It's more that she's constantly moving toward finding herself, toward the ultimate self-realization. She knows she was born to be someone special, and she is ever in search of her destiny. Being a fiery Leo, part of her destiny is to find true and passionate love.

When she finds it, she gives herself to her chosen mate thoroughly and without reservation. She will not be outdone, so don't try to match her passion. But do give her all of your love. Anything else is unacceptable. If you do this, you will find a warm and sensuous creature at your side for life.

The Leo woman loves to be in a steady and loving relationship, but it can sometimes be hard living with her. She is the queen of the sun signs, after all, and she expects to be treated that way. When matched with the wrong mate, the Leo woman can become an overbearing tyrant, but this relationship is doomed to failure. Though Leo may be temporarily appeased by being in complete control, she will eventually become bitter and dissatisfied.

So the queen needs a king. Someone who can stand up to her but still make her feel like royalty. She needs affection and admiration, but she also needs a challenge or she'll become bored. For her, the perfect relationship will last forever, but the wrong match will end in a blaze the will shock even her. But for the right mate, she's a jewel that should be treasured for she is truly an extraordinary woman.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Sun Signs and Love: Attracting a Cancer

If there is one thing you should know about someone born under the sun sign of Cancer, it is that they are vulnerable to both praise and criticism. If you want to catch and hold a Cancerian, let him or her know just how much you appreciate and admire them. Do this in a direct manner, for Cancer will come out of his or her shell that much faster if you are forthright in your words and deeds. But don't be insincere. Cancer can spot a fake a mile off, and they don't like it.

Attracting a Cancerian can be done simply by showing your gentler side. If you love pets or children, start there. You can also try revealing your intelligence and interest in the world by having a real discussion about politics, finances, or charities. If you have a problem in your life, give your Cancer friend a chance to show tour his or her best side by sharing. They love to share their powers of empathy and problem solving, so share away, but only if you actually want constructive advice.

If you're the one planning a date with a Cancer man or woman, try the theater or perhaps a cultural event if there's one nearby. A concert may also be appropriate, or the ballet or opera depending on the exactly tastes of the person involved. Perhaps an event with a strong melody, even of its just a restaurant with live music, might be a good choice.

Tread carefully in the beginning. Cancerians are vulnerable and easily scared off at first. They also aren't very good at forgiving and forgetting, at least in the early stages of a relationship. You'll need to build some trust before you can make too many mistakes, so take it slow

And don't worry, you won't be the only one taking it slow. A true Cancer woman or man won't be rushing things. Until he or she is certain their own advances will be welcome, expect some skittishness. But if their hesitation lasts too long, the relationship might not be going anywhere.

In the end, a good, solid relationship with a Cancer is worth the effort. Trust and be worthy of trust and you just might find romance.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Sun Signs and Love: The Cancer Man

A man born under the sun sign of Cancer is incredibly sensual, and willing to let you know that he's sensual, but he'll almost never come at you directly. Though he'll happily play the attentive lover, he'll also make sure to leave himself a way out. Not because he can't commit, but because he's quite afraid of rejection. He falls in love so easily that he must take measures to protect himself.

Despite this, Cancer is both a romantic and a daydreamer. Blessed with a powerful sensory memory, he can and will get lost in the romance of a situation. His imagination knows no bounds and he is endlessly creative. Unfortunately, this cuts both ways. When he gets jealous, his imagination can jump right into overdrive. If he suspects his chosen mate is unfaithful, expect him to practically lose his mind. He is so faithful that dishonesty in love hurts him deeply and threatens the stability and security he so desperately needs.

The Cancer male is incredibly affectionate and spontaneous. Sex is best when it happens without any advance planning, though this man is loving enough to adapt if his mate needs a little more warning. He is attentive and dedicated, not needed many mates, but the one perfect mate.

This man will go to almost any length to please his chosen mate. He will make you laugh, spoil you outrageously, or do anything else to keep a smile on your face. His natural ability to understand the human heart allows him to feel your problems before you voice them, giving him a leg up when it comes to dealing with pain and heartache.

Perhaps most important to Cancer is having a mate who shares his hopes and dreams of the future. If he withdraws from such a relationship at a later date, it's probably because those hopes and dreams have changed, making him incompatible with his mate. If he does leave, however, he does it quietly and with grace.

Truly a man's man, but not in a rugged sense, this gentle sun sign has a deep inner strength and a great need to protect his family. He will not let you down, instead ensuring you are well loved and taken care of. He will be a devoted mate--provided you return the favor.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sun Signs and Love: The Cancer Woman

On the surface, the Cancer woman might seem composed and even...well, perfect. But she has hidden depths to her. She can be shy and sweet at first, then later become sensual and even erotic. But it takes the right kind of love to get there, so you'll have to give of yourself first if you want to unlock the true nature of the Cancer woman.

Because she is naturally shy, don't expect her to make the first move. She isn't at all forward, but she will give you subtle hints that could lead to a substantial relationship. But pay attention, because if you miss her unspoken invitation you might lose her entirely.

As a water sign, she values trust above all. While she is cautious about giving her heart to another, once she does she is unwavering in her loyalty and gives her trust unabashedly. If you love her, trust her, and make her feel secure, she will be yours forever. If you violate the trust she has given you, she may never truly forgive you. In her head, perhaps, but never really in her heart. So tread carefully if you value her presence in your life.

The Cancer woman may come across as a little old-fashioned, but only because she is old-fashioned. She has an independent streak, true, but she also longs to be sheltered and protected, which is one of the many qualities that draws others to her. As a woman, she desires romance, and as a Cancer she wants you to take the lead in that romance, so don't wait around for her to plan a romantic night out. Do the planning and she'll be far more receptive towards you.

Though you might call her the quintessential woman, she has depths that will take years to discover. Appreciate her for the affectionate, sympathetic, and imaginative woman she is and she'll give you all she has to offer.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Sun Signs and Love: Attracting a Gemini

Gemini likes to be impressed, so show off your knowledge of a subject you're passionate about. The typical Gemini tends to know a little about everything, so conversation will likely ensue. Just make sure you know what you're talking about. Gemini doesn't appreciate a faker.

Be candid and honest, for that's what Gemini is after, but beware of appearing smug and try not to come off as too conservative. Both are turnoffs for the sensitive Gemini. And don't worry if you disagree. A good exchange is a good exchange, and Gemini recognizes this.

Though intellectual conversation is appreciated, Gemini also likes to engage in gossip, especially if there's an element of humor in it. Focus on making him or her laugh, not on being malicious, and you'll have a captive audience.

Remember that Gemini is looking for an aura of mutual trust. Don't give him or her a reason to mistrust you, and don't approach a Gemini with a suspicious attitude. Trust is important to this sun sign, so make sure you respect that.

If you're looking for a gift for a Gemini, try books, puzzles, or anything that stimulates the mind. Flowers and such could be wasted on this more intellectual astrological sign.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Sun Signs and Love: The Gemini Man

Vivacious, quick-witted, and filled with a lust for life, the Gemini male draws women (or men, possibly) to him with practiced ease. His charm, generosity, and fertile imagination make a date with him exciting and oftentimes romantic. Though many women are drawn to him, few will stay in his life for longer than a night or two. He's notoriously hard to pin down, and trying will only drive him away all the faster.

He might come off as a womanizer, but he's really anything but. The Gemini man really and truly loves women and he pays attention to what they have to say. This is a great part of his success in the romance department. But, like most Gemini, he needs fun and excitement in his life. He'll flee any relationship that doesn't give him the fun he needs. Because all relationships have their lulls, and he tends to be impatient, he does have a tendency to run away from a relationship that would ultimately have made him happy. Such is the nature of Gemini.

But that isn't the only reason he tends to run off without much notice. He's a little uncomfortable with love as an emotion (though as an action...well, sign him up!), so a woman who takes love too seriously is a turn off for him. Though they are initially attracted to women with a flare for the dramatic, mostly because these women appear more fun on the surface, he usually loses interest before too long.

And yet, he is not a true womanizer. The reason he runs from one female to the next is because he really is searching for a woman to spend the rest of his life with. Remember that Gemini is the sign of the twins, so he's truly searching for his spiritual and romantic twin. He knows she's out there. He just hasn't found her yet. When he does, he will never leave her side.

In bed he is imaginative, confident, and has a great deal of flair, but his lover may get the impression that he is not fully committed. His attention may wander, even in the throes of great sex, but this is simply a part of his nature. It doesn't mean he's straying. It usually means he's thinking of something exciting and fun to do next.

A fascinating person, the true Gemini man tends to flit through life and romance with hardly a care. Still, even those he rejects love him, for he is a joy to know. Even if you only know him for a short time.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Sun Signs and Love: The Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is full of contradictions. She is passionate lover one moment, a careful friend the next. She needs to be coddled, but she also needs to exert her independence. Her love affairs tend to be of a more casual nature, but she is fiercely loyal when she does finally commit. One moment she will be seated next to a roaring fire, enjoying the peace, and the next she'll be running around in search of novel stimulation and excitement. It can be hard to keep up, harder still to figure her out.

She finds most men (or women, depending on her preference) dull, but this merely means she has a fine appreciation for a more interesting companion. If you want to attract her, you'll have to work at it. Don't expect her to stay around otherwise. Gemini, in fact, is a contrary sign, so the Gemini woman will flee as soon as the relationship becomes stale. She'll leave with no second thoughts. This sign excels at moving on.

Because Gemini is capricious and changeable, is she not easily satisfied. To keep her content and present, her companion will have to work to satisfy her on all levels--emotionally, mentally, and sexually. This is a tall order, especially when she seeks great variety in her life.  If you can give her what she needs, she will be a faithful and devoted companion. If you can't, she'll flee and never look back.

All of this might make her sound high maintenance, and she is, but a Gemini is always worth the effort. She is a quick learner and is blessed with endless curiosity, which means she's willing to try just about anything once. She'll go skydiving, train for a marathon, or try something new in the bedroom all because she's never done it before. She loves excitement, so if you do too you might do well with a Gemini woman.

If you are going to try a relationship with a Gemini woman, don't take what she says at face value. There's always another motive behind her words, even if she doesn't realize it at the time. She's not deceitful, just...contrary.

Beneath it all lies a woman who is solid and faithful to the man (or woman) who finally captures her heart. She gives endlessly of herself to the right man, but she demands everything in return. Expect her to be possessive and even jealous when the situation calls for it, but only because she expects her love to be returned wholeheartedly.

The true Gemini woman is intelligent, exciting, vibrant, tempestuous, and incredibly witty. She is a lot to handle for most, but just enough for the right man.